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Product Name : INFERVAC
Price : 950 Baht
Product Description

Infervac is an injectable suspension which contains inactivated cells of Propionibacterium  acnes and Lipopolysacharides of E. coli (LPS).

•     Inactivated cells of Propionibacterium  acnes  stimulate the phagocytic capacity of macrophages, responsible of the initial phenomenons of the immune processing and presentation of antigens.   They also stimulate the mucosal immunity by IgA induction.

LPS of E. Coli   stimulate  humoral immunity , the alternative pathway of the complement,

interferon production and consequently the stimulation of the antiviral and antibacterial    

   immunity. They also are B-cell mitogen.

Infervac, as the stimulant effect over non-specific immunity, is suggested a profitable

 effect as co-adjuvant  in canine parvovirosis treatment to reduce the mortality the symptoms of the disease. In the same manner, Infervac shows the profitable effect in the clinical recuperation of demodectic mange in dogs.        

These properties have allowed the experimental use in mice, pigs and rabbits to increase the natural immune response and as adjuvant and co-adjuvant of vaccinations.

Dosage and use

For Viral diseases (Parvovirus): Administer by slow intravenous route or by intravenous infusion through conventional fluid therapy, 1 ml of Infervac to dogs which body weight is 10 kg or less and 2 ml to dogs which body weight is greater than 10 kg. Administration can be repeated after 48 hours.

For Demodicosis: Administer by deep intramuscular route, 1 ml of Infervac to dogs which body weight is 10 kg or less and 2 ml to dogs which body weight is greater than 10 kg. Repeat administration at day 2, 7 and 9.


•          Bacterial/virus infections,  or diseases with aetiology mixed bacterial-viral. (Parvovirus)

•          Anti-infectious prophylaxis in immunosupressive animals (geriatric or young animals).

•          As a support treatment in routine vaccinations. 

•          Treatments with antibiotics in order to boost antibiotic effect.

•          Tumors in young and old animals.

•          Dermatological problems (specially Demodicosis).

 Package : 10 ml.


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