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Product Name : Bigbang
Price : 220 Baht
Product Description

Big Bang spray for control ticks and fleas in dogs and cats.


1.Spray it to pets’ skin.Use 3-6 ml or 5-12 pumps of Big Bang per 1 kg weigh and spraying upon length of hair. After use it should massage the skin to make sure it permeate thoroughly to the skin

*** for 1 kg weigh It gives active ingredients 7.5-15 มก. and 1 pump = 0.5 ml

2. After spraying to the dogs. Do not bath or use shampoo before and after using it 2 days at least

3. Use it for dogs every 3-5 weeks to control ticks and use every 1-3 months to control fleas. For cats use it every 1 monyh to control fleas.

4. Use spraying around cages or floor.

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